Learning Points in Cleaning the Bamboo Flooring

People would judge someone according to the type of floorings that their friends have. For most of the people now, they would think that the better the quality of your flooring at home the more and have the best convenient you have in your life. There are some other people who would like to use a type of flooring that is very comfortable and easy to clean.

There are some that they would select based on their budget only. This is their reason why some people would have a good type of floorings and can last for a longer time while others don’t have this kind of experience of testimony as they don’t have the most secure way of installed floorings. Even to their garage or basement.

They would purchase something like the metallic epoxy garage floor to ensure the best result of it. Others would be willing to settle to the cheapest one. As they believe that they are not rich to spend so much money on this. If you are living in a countryside, it would be a good idea to have a bamboo type of flooring. It would sound simple but it is one of the most comfortable types of floorings in town. But of course, aside from its great feedback to our life. There are many learning points that you need to think about when cleaning and taking care of it.

The most important part of having a bamboo in your house is to clean it every single day. It is very important to make this one longer when it comes to its sturdy and capacity to stay longer. Make sure that you are using a soft type of broom. This will help to keep safe the bamboo from having too much scratch and damage at the same time. You can literally use your dirt pan in order to get that dirt from the bamboo flooring.

Of course, it would be a nice idea to use a mop in removing those stain that sticks in your bamboo flooring. You may use water only here. Using some harsh solutions and agents could damage the quality of the bamboo that you have. If you wanted to use a product, be sure to ask the seller or sales person about the content of it or it is friendly to the bamboo or wood type of floors before purchasing it. In this way, you would not waste your money for something that is not worthy and you can’t use.

It would be fine if you have or you want to use your vacuum.

If there is something that fell down like the stain of the coffee, or juice. You need to make sure that you would get a piece of cloth to wipe it immediately. This will help to keep your bamboo from absorbing the water or the liquid. Letting the water to stay there and be absorbed by the wood or bamboo would result to become weak and quality and may soon become brittle and easy to break.

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5 Signs of a Bad Phone Battery 

Almost everything can be achieved nowadays because of the help of technology. Just a few years back, it’s difficult to research something in the computer because of limited and slow internet. Now, if a question pops up in your head you can just grab your phone and look it up. You can also write a document in your phone, store your favorite music, and hoard as many pictures as you can; text/call people, install apps and many more.  

Bad Phone Battery 

Cellphones make our lives easier. The things that are difficult to do before are now achievable. In just one click, you can connect with the world. The downside is that, all phone batteries don’t last for a lifetime. It deteriorates, and it’s frustrating once that happens. So before your phone dies while you’re at middle of something, watch out for these signs of a failing battery.  

Phone Restarts on Its Own 

The most common complaint that repair store gets from their costumers is that their phone restarts on its own. When you’re in the middle of posting something on social media or typing an important email, it’s so annoying when the phone randomly shuts down or restarts. If this happens frequently, then there’s a problem with your battery. Some of the reasons why the battery does this are: the phone doesn’t hold it in place, it no longer fits in the phone case, or when it shifts. Worn out battery connectors can also be a factor. When this happens, make sure to visit store of cell phone repair in Denver.  

Battery Drains Easily 

Most batteries have the lifespan of 2 or 3 years, depending on how many hours you use your phone. But after those years, they will start acting up. One of the instances is when it doesn’t power the smartphone for long or if it drains easily even if you only use it for 30 minutes. Some apps might cause the battery to drain. But if that doesn’t help, inspect the battery to check if it’s bulging or not. If it does, you might have to replace it. If you don’t act quickly, your phone might get damaged.  

Phone is Plugged In But Dead 

If the battery drains and you plug your device in its charger, it will typically power up. But if it stays dead and not powered, your battery is not trouble. If you don’t hear any sounds or see any lights in your device even though you attempted to charge it a couple of times, have the device checked.  

The Device Doesn’t Charge 

Another moment when the battery is deteriorating is when your phone doesn’t charge even if you already plug it. It powers up but won’t hold any charge. Even though you attempt many times, the problem won’t be solved so it’s time to change your battery.  

Overheated Battery 

This is one of the most obvious signs that you can experience. If it starts to heat up excessively, then it is failing already. You should buy a new battery right away to avoid further damage in your device.  

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Useful Tips for New Entrepreneurs

In any business, effective management is an important part. For leading and helping others both directly and indirectly, it is important that you put people in a position to manage others. It can be both a positive and overwhelming experience if it is your first time to become a manager. 


If you are planning to start a business, it is also a good idea to have a deep talk with someone who can understand your emotions such as a licensed professional counselor, if you need one you can always hire Austin counselors to help you prepare for the long journey. 


As it requires many skills that including areas that generally get better with experience such as coaching, motivating, listening, and communication, management is not that easy. Here are eight tips to keep in mind on day one to help first time managers start strong and live as their responsibilities grow. 

    Understand the Business 

To address questions from your direct reports that take into account the wider landscape of the company, you need to be prepared. So you can make informed decisions while confidently providing direction, you need to know what is happening across the business.   

You must also understand the importance of keeping a detailed record of the money that goes in and out of your business because your money is the lifeline of your business. 


It is critical towards their success and overall career development to have individual time with your direct reports. You need to keep an honest watch on priorities, metrics, and any questions that might be circulating in their mind during this time. 

    Stay in the Trenches 

Because you are great at doing whatever your discipline demanded, it is likely that you are asked to be a manager. As a result, you worked hard and achieved a certain level of success. It doesn’t mean that you do not need to do the heavy work that helped you succeed in the first place just because you are a manager.  

To help them move forward is an endearing quality that your direct reports will respect when you are willing to do any job at any time.  

    You are the Example 

Through the good and bad times, the person who is going to inspire your people is you. Your existence will now serve as an inspiration and an example that others need to follow. The measuring stick for how others will act and behave is composed of the values to demonstrate, the way you handle adversity, and the way you persevere. 

    Understand the Importance of Delegation 

You can find early the things that you want to be involved in everything your team is working. The main challenge here is the fact that you will not be able to be everywhere at once. To help carry projects, you need to create an environment where you are actively relying on others.  

You will still be informed but for your subordinates to grow their abilities and perspective, you need others to lead. Mastering the art of effective delegation is an important aspect seen on some of the best managers. 

    Find a Mentor 

You must find a mentor so that you can ask for questions and guidance if there are some challenges that your business is facing. It is essential that you find someone that has excelled at being the type of manager you want to be. 

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Tips on How to Properly Clean You Glass Window

It is true that it is not a difficult task to clean windows, mirror, and other glass around your home, the challenge lies in getting it done without streaks. If you are busy or not in the mood to clean your window at home, you can ask assistance from window cleaners. Well, to help you, here are some tips on how to properly clean your glass window. 

 Glass Window

    Clean From Top to Bottom 

Clean from top to bottom if you really want your window to be streak free. To ensure that no drips will occur on the glass surfaces that are already perfectly cleaned, you must begin at the top and work your way down. 

    Use a Squeegee 

It is really amazing how a simple tool can make a difference on glass. It is guaranteed that you will have streaks if you wipe again areas of glass. To make it effortless in polishing each section of your window, you can use a squeegee. If you will be doing tall windows, you will probably need a long-handled squeegee.  

    Wash Windows When it is Cloudy 

Residue and streaks can happen in your windows because the sun can prematurely dry the window wash. You will surely end up with a brilliant streak-free shine if you wait for a cloudy day to wash your windows. 

    Clean Corners with Cotton Swabs 

Residue seems to build up in the corners of our glass no matter how hard you try. Unless you have the right tool, it can be very difficult to get that residue. To clean those hard reach areas of the windows in your home, you can try using a cotton swab. 

    Try an Old Shirt 

Using an old worn shirt, you can try washing your windows. To get a window polished clean, old t-shirts won’t have any lint residue and they are also absorbent enough. A great way to save money on housekeeping costs, you can use old tees instead of paper towels. 

    Avoid Woodwork 

To the framed wood areas of our mirrors and windows, many glass and window cleaners can cause damage. You must be cautious to not allow drips onto the wood that can damage these surfaces. At once, it is important that you avoid spraying too much cleaner. You can instead spray the window in small sections working from the top down to the bottom of the glass. 

    Try Homemade Window Cleaner 

You can make a window cleaner by mixing together 1cup of rubbing alcohol, 1 cup of water, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. A mixture of alcohol and vinegar makes a fast evaporating spray and mirror cleaner that competes with national brands that are available in the market. 

    Use Newspapers  

To polish their glass surfaces, there are many people who love to use newspapers. Many people do not like getting newsprint on their hands even though it does work and can work well. When it gets wet, the newspaper also does not hold up very well but it is worth giving a try. 

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Get a Good Housekeeping Company

If you are planning to hire a professional house cleaner then you should make sure that you could set up a meeting date, place and time before you hire them because this is very important so that you could address all of your concerns and so that they may be able to answer all of the questions that you have in mind. It is better to choose those house cleaning services that has their physical office because this is a plus to know that they are a legit company like http://www.socleanvirginiabeach.com/ which has a website that you could check and others that has this as well and who is doing home cleaning services to people that badly needs it on their homes.  

Housekeeping Company

You might be in doubt about the questions that you should ask your potential house cleaner, worry no more because we are here for you. We would like to help you as much as possible so here we are, we made an article just for you to know these questions that should answered by your potential housecleaning company. Please do stay up until the end of this article for you to be more informed about the things that you need to do before jumping to conclusions. 

Rates : The rate that they are going to charge you with for the cleaning of your home is very important for you to know before you swipe your card or give the cash to them because this is your right and you should not be charged with whatever it is without your knowing. You should be mindful about these scams because a lot of flyby companies would charge you additional fees that you do not know at the beginning and you will soon find out about it when the charging has been made to your card. These are called hidden charges and you should be careful about these. Ask the cleaning company about the estimated rate that they would charge you with and be mindful of that so that you could avoid being scammed by bad people.  

References: Ask the company about the client that they have had over the last few months and not from two years ago. You should ask for this list so that you may be able to speak and ask these people about what they think of the services that the company has given to them. If they say that they have been pleased by the services of the housecleaning company then it is a good sign that you are up for a great start with that particular company.  

Process: Ask the company how are they going to clean your given that you have already told them about the things that you would want to be done in your home. A good company will surely share to you the process of their cleaning and this is a very good move to make because you will know what is going to be done to your home when you opt for this company, if you think that what they are going to perform to your home as a process of cleaning will better your home, then you should hire them for all the right reasons.

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